The Ravelers through the years...
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The story starts here with:
Collie Coburn(bass/vocals), Kelly Gordien(drums/vocals), Hai Muradian(guitar/sax/flute/vocals), Pat Naish(guitar/vocals)
...more of the story to come...

Kelly departs the band to play with the Lost Angeles Band,
and Rob Haerr comes in to play drums. Rob had sat in with The Ravelers many times and had played in other bands with Hai (The Shades) and Pat (Lost Creek Riders) in the mid-80's. Rob was living in Texas when The Ravelers first started. As soon as he moved back to California, he "kidded" with the guys to get him in the band. After 4 years of "kidding around", it happened. The chemistry really clicked from the first gig for everyone.

Martie Echito(keyboards/vocals) joins the band full-time after sitting in when The Ravelers wanted keyboards at selected shows. Martie's keyboards and vocals add another dimension to The Ravelers, allowing for a broader range of music to be played. The chemistry works from the first gig here, too. Martie's made time in his busy musical schedule to add The Ravelers to his long list of credits(and goof-off with the boys). Martie also performs as "Professor Smartie Martie" in
The Happy Crowd
with Collie and Hai. The Happy Crowd records and performs music geared towards children and their parents.

Raveler Fun Fact...
Martie judged "Battle of the Bands" contests where Hai's band won("Featherstitch"-1968), Rob's band won(Hit 'n Run-1978) and Collie's band won("Thin Ice"-1981).
All were later to become Ravelers...(hear "Twilight Zone" theme).
A master plan by Martie that took 30 years to execute?!?

Shortly after this New Year's Eve photo was taken, Collie makes a tough decision to leave the band to allow more time to be spent with his family, his job as a Christian radio show editor, and The Happy Crowd. The Ravelers now are without a bass player and vocals. Instead of trying to find another person to fill Collie's very missed spot, Martie learned the bass parts on keyboards...no small feat for this type of band. Collie still sits in occassionally, especially in a pinch when Martie can't make it.

Hai, Martie, Pat, Rob.
Even the shirts have history...these are the same ones from 1987. Raveler closets now house many shirts, though.

Padua Theater before a wedding reception.
These are the "Neil Shirts"
(Thank you for the shirts, Neil & Pam!)
photo by Jennifer Taylor www.facevaluephotography.com

Hai, Martie, Pat, Rob.
The Brunswick shirts

Pat, Hai, Rob, Martie.
The Stained Glass shirts
Photo by Sonja Stump

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